Infrastructure Engineering

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It doesn't matter if your goal is to deploy a private cloud on commodity hardware, or just automate your day-to-day operations in the data center, our engineering team can help. We specialize in identifying your pain points, and applying our experience to architect solutions so your infrastructure works for you.

Private Cloud

We have experience deploying and managing OpenStack-based private clouds, as well as more minimal, custom cloud approaches.


Manage your infrastructure like code with our unique approach to infrastructure automation using custom, event-driven API microservices integrated into existing configuration management tools like SaltStack.


We couple aggressive monitoring technologies with custom microservices to automatically heal and rebuild your infrastructure after a failure, and in many cases triage issues before they cause downtime.

Legacy Platforms

Not ready to upgrade your legacy platforms? Our teams can slowly introduce new cloud technologies into your existing platforms, as well as build custom integrations between platforms so you get the best fit for your environment.